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Land of the PROUD Tarkanri and Utman Khel Tribes.
Bajaur is one of the Seven Agencies of FATA, Pakistan; smallest area-wise but largest population-wise. Its terrain is a diverse mix of hills, valleys, torrents, mountain passes and fertile plains. It borders Mohmand Agency, Dir, Malakand Agency and Afghanistan's Kunar province. Khar is the chief town where Civil Colony, FC HQ, AHQ Hospital, Colleges etc are located. Nawagai, Pashat, Inayat Qilla & Qazafi are other major towns.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tarkanri (Tarkalani or Tarkani) Tribe of Bajaur Agency and Dir

Tarkanri (Tarkalani or Tarkani) is a major tribe of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. Though the centre of Tarkanri tribe's population is at Bajaur Agency, a large number of Tarkanris also live in Afghanistan (Kunar Province) and Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa (Dir)
The Upper-genealogy of Tarkanri Tribe is as under:

Ø      Sarrban
·        Kharshaboon
o       Kand
§         Khakhi Khel
o    Tarkanri
o       Yousufzai
o       Gugiyani
o       Mandarr

The Lower-Genealogy of Tarkanri Tribe is given as under:

Section / Sub Section / Fraction
Wara Mamund

Live in Umaray, Sewai, Damadola, Badan, Tani and Kamar villages of Tehsil Mamund.
Also in Marawara and Shortan areas of Kunar (Afghanistan).


Inam Khwar



Kakazai (Loye Mamund)
Mahsud Khel

Live in Lagharai, Kalozai, Kaga, Mukha, Maina and Ghakhi areas of Tehsil Mamund.
Also in Marawara, Barkanai and Shortan areas of Kunar (Afghanistan).

Mahmud Khel

Daulat Khel

Umar Khel

Maghdud Khel

Yousaf Khel

Ibrahim (Baram) Khel

Live in Raghagan, Pashat, Gambat, Batmalai, Batwar, Loigram, Sro Wano, Jar, Tangi areas of Tehsil Salarzai and Charmang valley of Tehsil Nawagai.
Also in Dangam, Asmar, Ghazi Abad, Marawara, Shortan (Kunar).

Hilal Khel
Lar Sadin
v   Tura Khel
v   Kalandar Khel
Bar Sadin
Aggai Khel

Chandar Khel

Husain Khel

Katkai Khel

Lar Amadak

Bar Amadak
Yousaf Khan Khel

Mast Khel

Live in Barwa, Tangai , Tor, Janbatai, Shontalai, Shalkandai, Miskini, Mayar and Samar Bagh areas of Dir.
Ali Beg Khel

Musa Khel

Affiliated Sections of Isazai
Sheikh Khel





Bahadur Shah Khel

Live in Upper Maidan, Lower Barawal, Haya Serai and Atan Nala areas of Dir.
Aka Khel

Kalut Khel
Bucha Khel

Jabi Khel

Atrap Khel


Said Khel

Nur Khel
Kalut Khel
v   Gall Pao
v   Suri Pao
Habib Khan Khel

Aka Khel


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  1. Love you man for posting this. So i am Isazai, as i am a Shiekh Khiel. Plus my father is the leader of shiekh Khel

  2. Very good information but it would be more reachable if you put this up on wikipedia ;)

  3. Iam from IsmailZai but the list missing my sub division "Rodbari"..
    God Bless all..by the way Aimal is my cousin.

  4. v good, but missing some sub clan like Menar Khel, Bai Khel,Dulkazi etc of Mehsud khel, Mamund

  5. Good work but missing section Bajezai

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  7. can anyone tell me about gabarkhel?,,,,,

  8. Great information i am salarzai belong to LAKIANO .&i am proud of it.when i was a student of islamia college pesh 1981...83.abdur Rahim khan was political agent bajaur &limited number of people were getting higher education from this area.

  9. I am ...Khan khel.....I need history .....ham sab chach k rehny waly hain......hindko and pushto speaking ....Punjab r KPK k border par district Attock me....me ne jahan se b pata keya ye hi pata laga hamara village Afghanistan se ay logo ne banaya ....yani Pakistan banny se bhot pehle....baz jaga ye pata laga k pathan commander thay uno ne banaya ham sab us k khandan sr hain.....but exact ny pata lag raha me jannna chahta hon ....khan khrl qabial k bary me

  10. I m yousaf from hayati ) I belong with Ali bekekhel

  11. I am Irfan khan from Shangla district and belong to Baram Khel. there are more than 300 homes and more than 2000 people living in shangla who belong to Baram khel.
    Baram khel also found in swat.

  12. I am Ubaid ur Rehman from Sarki Gate Peshawar city and we live in a street called Mohallah Bajori Kalan inside sarki gate we are decendants of Sakhi Arab Khan who's Mazar is at Naway Dand Near Bajour Khar and he was the governor of the Bajour at the time of Mughals. Our family migrated Peshawar in 1800 and from last 2 centuries we are living in Peshawar Sarki Gate Mohallah Bajori Kalan I heared from our elders that we belong to Ibrahim Khel tribe which is known as Bram Khel.

  13. I would like to know the history of Sakhi Arab Khan Mughal Governor who's graveyard is at Naway Dand 3 km from Bajour Khar. if any one knows kindly contack me on my email wfp.ubaid@yahoo.com or on mobile 0322-9125767

  14. Please update it and add bajezai also ...thanks

  15. Dear i wants to know more about Shekh khel,and Sultan khel please i wants to reach the ancestor of these two tribes help me

  16. Captain.rasheedkhan@gmail.come please must info me through this Mail

  17. I need history of Ali Beg Khel plz .

  18. Some sub divisions or sub clans are missing like Ghazi Khan Khel etc
    I need full subclans of tarkalani tribe plz

  19. Need info on kakazai? does this clan have a chief ?