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Land of the PROUD Tarkanri and Utman Khel Tribes.
Bajaur is one of the Seven Agencies of FATA, Pakistan; smallest area-wise but largest population-wise. Its terrain is a diverse mix of hills, valleys, torrents, mountain passes and fertile plains. It borders Mohmand Agency, Dir, Malakand Agency and Afghanistan's Kunar province. Khar is the chief town where Civil Colony, FC HQ, AHQ Hospital, Colleges etc are located. Nawagai, Pashat, Inayat Qilla & Qazafi are other major towns.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Salarzai Tribe of Bajaur Agency

Salarzai is a tribe of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. Though the centre of Salarzai tribe's population is at Bajaur Agency, a large number of Salarzais also live in Afghanistan (Kunar Province).
The Upper-genealogy of Salarzai Tribe is as under:

Ø      Sarrban
·        Kharshaboon
o       Kand
§         Khakhi Khel
o       Tarkanri
Ø      Mamund
Ø  Salarzai
The Lower-genealogy of Salarzai Tribe is as under:

Ø      Ibrahim Khel (Baram Khel)
Ø      Hilal Khel
Ø      Sadeen
Ø      Aamdak
Seen Khel
Katki Khel
Aali Khel
Qalandar Khel
Kher Khan Khel
Mirdad Khel
Shoma Khel
Aka Khel
Mahmood Khel
Fateh Khan Khel
Haider Khel
Tor Khel
Sargand Khel
Places of Living
Salarzai Tribe lives in following areas:
Ø      Bajaur Agency
·      Tehsil Salarzai
·      Tehsil Khar
·      Tehsil Nawagai (Baram Khel)
·      Tehsil Chamarkand (Baram Khel)
Ø      District Nowshehra (Bara Banda)
Ø      Kunar (Afghanistan)


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  1. SalarZai Tribe Also liVes in Manoor valley near by kaghan valley many iN Hazara division they havE spoken other languages like Hindko

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  3. Could somone tell me about Khanzadgan tribe?does it belong to bajur or mohmnd?

  4. I am Ubaid ur Rehman from Sarki Gate Peshawar city and we live in a street called Mohallah Bajori Kalan inside sarki gate we are decendants of Sakhi Arab Khan who's Mazar is at Naway Dand Near Bajour Khar and he was the governor of the Bajour at the time of Mughals. Our family migrated Peshawar in 1800 and from last 2 centuries we are living in Peshawar Sarki Gate Mohallah Bajori Kalan I heared from our elders that we belong to Ibrahim Khel tribe which is known as Bram Khel.

  5. Your face better justifies your comments

  6. What about the salarzai in Buner?? There are 10 Kali of Salarzai in Buner

  7. Thank you Google. Umar zada Hilal khel

  8. Large number of Salarzai are also living in Buner Salarzai what about them ?