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Land of the PROUD Tarkanri and Utman Khel Tribes.
Bajaur is one of the Seven Agencies of FATA, Pakistan; smallest area-wise but largest population-wise. Its terrain is a diverse mix of hills, valleys, torrents, mountain passes and fertile plains. It borders Mohmand Agency, Dir, Malakand Agency and Afghanistan's Kunar province. Khar is the chief town where Civil Colony, FC HQ, AHQ Hospital, Colleges etc are located. Nawagai, Pashat, Inayat Qilla & Qazafi are other major towns.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

1973 to 1993: History of Bajaur in Pakistan

History of BAJAUR and Pakistan - 1973 to 1993
In 1973, Bajaur was granted the status of a separate Agency, headquartered at Khar, and a Political Agent (PA) was appointed. A government colony (Civil Colony) for the administration’s offices and employees residences was established at Khar. Electricity and Telephone services arrived in the area, schools and rural health centers / dispensaries were established in the main villages and communication infrastructure like roads and bridges etc were built. A medium capacity hospital, a degree college for boys and a high school for girls were established at Khar.
The Nawab ran the tribal affairs and the PA saw the administrative affairs, however, with the passage of time, the clout of the former decreased and the assertiveness of the later increased. In 1988, the Khan of Nawagai, Haji Bismillah Khan (father of sitting MNA and Federal Minister Engineer Shaukatullah Khan) was elected on Bajaur’s seat in Pakistan’s National Assembly. This was the first time someone other than the Nawab Abdul Subhan Khan was elected from Bajaur. In 1990, the elections were won by a businessman Haji Lal Kareem of Nawagai.
In 1993 Nawab Abdul Subhan Khan passed away, leaving behind five sons. None of his sons has been sworn in as Nawab although his sons and grandsons write Nawabzada (Son of Nawab) as salutation. However, the title as well as influence of Nawab went to the graveyard with Abdul Subhan Khan.


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